What our borrowers are saying...

 "...Venture Works helped me modify the second mortgage on my home by allowing me a unique payment plan to allow  me to keep my home.  They made an uncomfortable situation easier to work through with a very positive result."

  - Barbara T., Fort Myers, FL 

"Venture Works, thank you so much for your help!!  We can now afford to make our 2nd mortgage payments!"

 - D. Smith, Easton, PA 

"…Without this company and its employee’s involvement, I know such an amicable resolution would not have been obtained.  Venture Works was reasonable, diligent and patient in working out a solution…Venture Works was accessible and did what they said they would do and followed up to make sure everything was done right.  Bottom line...Venture Works is a 'do right' company”

-Chris C., Little Rock, AR 

"...I am very satisfied with the outcome and resolution of my case.  I am on my way to repairing my damaged credit, and it wouldn't be possible without ...Venture Works!"

- Deanna C., Philipsburg, PA 

"When I found myself in a hole and didn't know how to get out, Venture Works pulled me out and set me up with a plan I could afford.  Thank you."

- Joann M., Reno, NV